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About Counselling

What Conditions Can it Help?

What Benefits can be Expected?

Who comes for therapy?

Lots of people!

There is no single ‘type’ of person. We all need support from time to time, and it can be helpful to talk to someone who is impartial and only focused on you. We don’t always want to turn to family or friends and they can’t always help in the same way as a therapist. Some people may feel a bit embarrassed or awkward thinking about therapy and may be unsure if it’s for them.

Therapy isn’t magical or stigmatising. You don’t stay in therapy for life – just while it is useful and helpful. At times many of us find aspects of our lives overwhelming. A common misconception is that seeking counselling might be a sign of weakness, but it is often found to be quite the reverse; it can take great courage to work at understanding issues that are causing problems and making life feel difficult. Lots of people will use therapy at some point. Whatever its given name - executive coaching, health coaching, sports psychology – it is now quite mainstream, much the same as going to the gym to look after your body. Some people come to therapy for past or present personal reasons while others may come to help them improve decision making, business relationships, performance or time management.

I work with individuals who self refer and also take referrals from organisations who wish to offer therapy to members of staff.

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