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Areas of Specialism

Attachment and Relationships

Relationships colour our feelings about the world and about ourselves. They affect every part of our lives.We all need relationships, they are at the core of human experience and we are hard wired to seek them out from the moment we are born. They are crucial to our sense of well being.

Therapy can help you to make sense of things if your relationships often seem to dissatisfy, keep going wrong, or are a source of stress or anxiety.

I have a particular interest in, and a wealth of experience working with people who have known difficulties with relationships past or present, whether as child, parent or adult, that are affecting current life and are troubling.

Our earliest relationships give us a template for later relationships we make. Sometimes those become unhelpful, detrimental or simply irrelevant in adult life, yet we are not always aware of just how strongly those old ways continue to influence us - in our personal, romantic, and social interactions - at home or at work.


Trauma often undermines some of the basic expectations we have of life feel safe and secure
....that bad things won’t happen to us.
Traumatic events can shatter these expectations, leaving us feeling unsteady and unsure of ourselves or stressed and overwhelmed.

Our lives may be affected by unexpected psychological trauma. A shocking life event; anything from war to a car crash, loss of a family member, a robbery, witnessing an accident or attack, rape, traumatic childbirth, having a psychotic episode or experiencing abuse or violence.

But trauma can also result from enduring painful experiences over a long term, like emotional neglect, sexual or physical abuse in childhood.

Whatever your unique experience, traumatic events create a lot of powerful and unpleasant emotions that can remain long after the incidents happened.

Unresolved events we try to bury have a tendency to bubble up, spoiling our ability to enjoy daily life and relationships.
Time alone doesn't always heal.
Sometimes we need some help to make sense of what is going on.

Bereavement and loss

Grief feels awful, but it is a natural response to losses in our life. This may involve the death of someone close to you, but grief can also be triggered by other losses such as a miscarriage, relationship ending, moving away from people or losing your health. Everyone reacts to grief in a personal way. Some people may try to hide feelings or feel they should ‘move on’ quickly; others may be completely overwhelmed and unable to function. There is no right way and there is no time limit.

Grief is one of the hardest emotions we face, it is complex, but it shouldn’t disrupt your life forever. If, in time, the pain you are feeling is so constant that it prevents you from resuming life in the way you want to, you may need additional support.

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