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Helping you change the way you feel

Why do people come?

Some people come to explore and understand more about themselves, some to reflect on the goals, decisions or direction they want to take in life. Others come because something doesn't feel right, is worrying, or spoiling the ability to enjoy life.

Most often people want something about themselves or their lives to change.

It can help to think things through in a confidential setting with someone who will not judge you, is impartial and not linked to your friends, family or workplace.

Friends can offer practical advice, but they often do not know how to help you get to the core of your problem. Friends and family can even sometimes be a part of the problem.

People come to therapy for many different reasons. Here are just a few…

Changes in mood
Feeling anxious, stressed, afraid, or panicky.
Low mood or depression.Loss of meaning and purpose.Having trouble sleeping or relaxing.
Feeling lonely, empty, misunderstood.
Post-natal depression.

Problems with relationships
Difficulties resulting from attachment or separation concerns.
Difficulties with being close or intimate, trust, jealousy, commitment, destructive patterns, unable to maintain lasting relationships, relationship breakdown.

The impact of trauma and abuse
Symptoms of stress,anxiety or panic.
Finding it difficult to move on from past experiences.

Being a parent
Problems with infants, children, adolescents or newly blended families

Impact of loss,serious illness and bereavement
Struggling with loneliness and isolation

Problems at work
Stress, anxiety,panic attacks
Lacking confidence and experiencing low self-esteem.

Feeling stuck
with repetitive, frustrating patterns in life.
Feeling at a crossroads in life.
Feeling life is going round in circles.

Issues of sexuality, sexual identification / orientation

Impacts from racism, oppression, discrimination

Just needing to off-load to someone regularly and clear your head!

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